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Let me start my story by saying if you could see my wife you would think that I was crazy.


I am in my mid 30's and have been married since I was 22 years old, my wife has just turned 30 and is magnificent, Let me describe just what She looks like.

To begin with Tia is 5 feet 8 inches tall with Auburn hair cut to neck length.

Her skin is like alabaster in the wintertime, during the summer she has a little tan and no tan lines we like to sunbathe nude. And sometimes we go to nude beaches or nudist camps.

Her neck is long and looks great with a string of Diamonds around it (I love to nibble on it)

Her Breast are fabulous the are so firm and the nipples are very sensitive, so sensitive they get rock hard when I kiss or tease them between my fingers. (We are thinking of getting them pierced) we heard they get more sensitive when they are pierced I have offered her some diamonds if she wants them.

Her waist is tapered down to meet her beautiful hips .Her ass is like 2 perfect globes.

Her pussy is bare because we paid to have the hair laser removed a couple of times and it has not been back since (I LOVE IT) just above the opening there is a gold barbell that has the other end just touching her clit. (SHE LOVES THAT).

Her legs are also hairless from the old laser, They taper down the way the old pin-up girls do in the posters they are great. She looks great in a pair of heels and a string of pearls and nothing else.

This brings us to her feet they are great I am the one who gets to do her pedicures rub warm lotions on them and paint her toe nails. (I LOVE THIS)

As you could tell I am in love with my wife and have never in a moment thought of cheating on her, which brings me to the real story.

We live approx. 2 hours from where I work and I must commute 4 days a week I have done this for about 2 years. Sometime this is a very lonely ride and my mind start's to wander and think of all the great experiences I have shared with my wife.

We have done everything a couple with an active imagination could think.

Some time's while driving home I dream up new stuff to see if we can get away with it.

Like we went to a favorite restaurant and while we were sitting in the booth I dared my wife to remove as much clothing as possible and see if anyone noticed, she was down to a red see through blouse with no bra before dessert. (When we left she left her panties under the table) when we go back there now the waiter fights to have us sit at his table.

My wife has driven to meet me for lunch for 2 hours absolutely naked and was she wet by the time she got there. She said it’s a little rough to keep the car on the road in the middle of an orgasm (she keeps a vibrator in the car for those long trips if I am not there.)

I bought her a fur coat and asked if she would wear that, and nothing but her high heel's home SHE DID.

A lot of these things could be other stories.

A couple of times on the way home I had fallen asleep at the wheel and this scared me and my wife so we decided to look into the possibility of getting a car pool going with some of the people I would talk to on the radio as I drove to work we had our own little club we would meet every third Thursday for breakfast at a diner along the route to the city.

There was some good looking woman riding the roads for work I was very fortunate my wife did not have to work.

I had heard there was a woman looking to start a pool of her own and it took some coaxing to get her to stop but I told her I was looking for a rider and would like meeting her.

Her handle on the radio was PT. I will give you meaning's later.

This particular morning we stopped for coffee and the guys in the group told that PT was going to stop I would wait to see her after all I was the boss and did not have a time clock to punch believe me it was well worth the wait.

When PT walked into the diner it was like seeing my wife as a blond, She was knock out Gorgeous. But along with her was this Guy who looked like he played line backer and ate small cows for breakfast. I went up to PT and introduced myself and said I was the person looking to start a car pool. She introduced her husband and said she had brought him as a little security you have to be careful these days.

After talking to her and her husband for almost an hour we decided to try the car pool for awhile and see if it worked out we were going to drive every other day this way one could either work or get some rest on the way to the house. I could not take my eye off of her she was beautiful long blond hair, Under that white silky blouse were Breast the size of soft balls, and just as hard I bet, an ass that would not quit, and those legs under the mini skirt were as great as my wife's , she had on open toe shoes and I could see her feet were very well taken care of and looked as if they needed to be sucked.

After meeting her I could not get her out of my mind I was at work on the phone and while on hold I was fantasizing which led to my getting a hardon, I wished my wife would show up just for some satisfaction. Just Then my secretary buzzed me and said my wife was here. Please let her in right away I said.

When my wife came into the office she could tell I was horny. She asked if I was thinking of her or I found out? Found out what I said.


THIS SHE SAID and opened her coat to showed me a pair of diamond earrings attached to her nipples under her coat .I quickly buzzed my secretary and told her I would be in conference for the next hour or so NO CALLS please.

After quickly removing my wife's coat under, which she was bare from the waist up I, kissed her nipples very gently, as they were freshly pierced and a little sensitive as she had them put in behind the nipple. This makes them more sensitive. I kissed further down to her navel and tonguing that while I worked on getting her out of her skirt and panties I kissed her bald pussy, I can curl my tongue around her clit and suck on it until it turns purple and then I bump it against her barbell while sucking it.

This makes her jump and moan and squeal with delight this can make her cum very quickly.

I could not help it I was so horned up that I hardly got undressed I wanted to stick my nine and a half inch cock into her immediately.

She laid across my desk with her beautiful jewel adorned body and I plunged my cock into her bald defenseless pussy, while I was pushing my cock in and out of her wet slippery and extremely hot cunt I could feel the pressure building in my now bloated balls, and now bulbous head of my cock. Tia would squeeze the muscles in her cunt and trap the head just before it would come out of her wet pussy.

Tia was enjoying the fuck so much we never even closed the drapes in the office this kind of turned her on a little extra as I could feel her juice running down my leg as I reached the peak and felt as if my balls were going to explode Tia began to moan and groan for me not to cum. IT WAS TOO Late I exploded into her hot count so much it backed up and splattered on my leg.

Laying in each others arms after we caught our breath Tia asked What's gotten into you?

I explained that besides her surprise with earrings, I had also met and talked to my car pooler and her husband.

Tia asked why the husband had to be there, and what did he look like, was he big little old young or old?? A dozen question popped up??

Because I had always been honest I explained that she was about our age very good looking kind of sexy, and I liked her.

How much do you like her TIA asked more than me? Is she sexier than I am?

I did not answer She said that is it! I have to meet her!

Maybe she will turn me on to!

I said GREAT here is her number. Tia, stark naked gets ups and proceeded to the telephone and called PT to set up a meeting. (It was that night at our place)

Tia said before we have to leave I want to make sure your mine and you are wore out .At which point she strolled over to the couch knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked and made love to my cock like she wanted my balls to come out the end of it.

With her lips on the very tip she takes her little pink tongue and stroke the slit until the first of the pre-cum oozes out and she quickly swabs that up, she opens her lips and slides along the shaft to the point of the pubic hair and then mounts my cock and consumes the entire length to the point where she has to open her throat to take the head and tickle with her vocal chords and begins to try and hum slideing up and down .She does not cheat using her hand she continues to suck lick and build my cock up to a tremendous orgasm which I feel building in my balls she looks forward to me spewing my cum in the back of her throat.

As I cum and I feel the pumping in my Dick Tia starts to just nibble on the head and nurse the tip as if she were a suckling getting every last drop of cum.

I pull her up and give her a very deep kiss swabbing the inside of her mouth but to my suprise it is clean she has already swallowed all my cum.

We dress quickly with what clothes there were and went to the parking garage and decided to leave Tia's car as she said she might want to come to town and get another piece of jewelry .WHERE THIS TIME I ASKED? Her reply was you will see!!!!!.

Tia was very tired and slept most of the way home so when we got there she was well rested for our company to arrive in a few hours.

We showered together one of my favorite things to do with Tia and I sucked her pussy in the shower until she could not stand up anymore she said she had 5 orgasms.

Pt and her husband showed for drinks and to meet my wife, Tia was very impressed with the way Pt looked and the body she had.

I would catch Tia looking at Phil every once in a while I would see Tia looking at Pts tits and then at Phil's crotch at the end of the evening we wished the a good night and said I would see them on Monday morning.We fucked for about 2 hours doing different positions and my favorite 69 on the side.

Monday AM.

I met Pt at the Park and ride area along the highway as we had planned, She was striking in her Dark business suit with her long leg's as she strode over to the Mercedes the high heels she wore made her legs that much more sexy.

As she got into the car her skirt rode pretty high on her thighs and I was enjoying the show. Once seated in the car she said do you mind if I get comfortable I said no not at all in fact I encourage it.

Pt slipped off her shoes and I could finally see her well maintained feet and also I noticed she did not have stockings on This is great.

Pt said that her and Phil had a great time Friday and he was talking about us all weekend.

I stated that Tia was very happy with my choice of a car pool partner and her husband also.Oh really what was Tia so impressed with Me, or Phil??

"Both I replied"

I am glad to hear that .do you mind if I take a little snooze on the way in Phil had me up till 2 in the morning.

Was he sick?

No he was very horny and nothing would satisfy him finally I wore him out.

Pt fell fast asleep this made it easy for me to look at that body of hers also I could grab some looks at those long legs with their creamy smooth thighs tapering down to her well developed calf's, and those almost perfect feet I wished I could suck on her toes once and see her reaction. I was watching every so often and could see her perfect breast rise and fall with her breathing also I could see them jiggle against her silk blouse when I would hit a bump.

About a half hour before we got to the garage I began to try and wake my passenger up so she could get the sleepy look out of her eyes (it was really kind of a dreamy look.)

As Pt awoke she sat up and stretched it was hard watching the road as her two perfect tits strained against the thin material of her silk blouse and lace bra. The stretch made her nipples stand straight out I noticed that there was kind of a ring around the nipples and I was wondering if Pt had both or one of her nipples pierced?

She said she had to put the finishing touches on and I said there cant be much to add she laughed and reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of stocking's (but they were not panty hose) She lift one leg and placed her foot on the dash and began to put the stocking's on as she pulled it up her long creamy leg I began to wonder what would hold it up. She pulled her skirt high enough for me to get a peak of her panties and her garter belt

I said wow can't wait for the other leg!!

She turned toward me and placed her stockinged foot on my right shoulder and asked I would like to hook it to the garter? I replied only if could put the other one on for her She said I was hoping you would. With that she swung around in the seat all the way and I could see her cunt as plain as day through the sheerness of her panties it was very well groomed and had been trimmed nicely with no hair sticking out of her panties.

I bunched up the stocking and put it over her toes quickly pulling the stocking back I got to take her toes one at a time and suck the and kiss her beautiful feet she began moaning and then she stopped and said we would both be late So I continued to put her stocking no for her and even got to attach it to the garter the feel of her skin on my hand will keep me hard for a week but I know there will be more.

Pt said it is really hard for her to walk away because she loves a man who is not afraid to show attention to a woman's most private parts and besides she was turned on maybe we would talk later in the day.

I struggled through the day most of the time drifting off into a dream of having Tia on one side and Pt on the other, both naked and no inhibitions at all.

A couple of time I got a hardon and was very tempted to beat it off in the office. After about the third hardon I got behind my desk unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and stroked it ever sooo slowly until I could fell the welling up of the sperm in my balls.

What made my get off was I was fantasizing about Tia, Pt, and my secretary getting it on.

Finally the moment was there I came and my cock was erupting and pumping cum all over

I wished that Tia were there to help clean my cock.

By the time 4:30 rolled around I was really in a hurry to get to my car. I knew Pt would be there and maybe we could set a new adventure on the way home. Sure enough when I entered the parking garage the stood Pt with her brief case in her slender smooth hand and her suit jacket over her shoulder opened the door for her as she seated her self. Her skirt went clear up to her panties and she just smiled and winked at me and said hurry get in I want to get home I AM HORNY.

We departed he parking garage and as I looked to the left I saw that Pt did nothing to pull her skirt down those legs were great. She smiled and said like what you see don’t you?

I said yes I wish I could see more of you literally. Pt said that might be possible.

Do you and Tia play games?


Great here is one I really like to play with Phil If I want to get home fast I tell Phil that speed turns me on and for every 5 miles over the speed limit I will give him a piece of clothing but he has to keep the speed up for 5 minute and the go faster or he looses a blow job. WANT TO PLAY SHE SAYS?

Does the same ending happen with me I ask?

Not this time that will have to wait for a while you are married and so am I.

But if you do it right you will get to see me naked and shaved. (She had shaved at the office)

When does it start?

As soon as we get on the turnpike.

At the entrance of the turnpike she notice a large bulge in my crotch area and said her husband does the same thing one time he came before they got home so she made it up to him by sucking him off in a movie theater later that night..

After I paid my toll I floored the Mercedes as we left the toll booth she said great her is you first article it was her jacket, I was up to about 63 and she said do we get serious or fool for a while? A glutton for being teased I said lets tease for a while after all it is a 2 hr ride home. But Pt said the quicker you go the quicker I strip imagine my tits and no tan lines they are a golden brown, and my flat belly. To my naked cunt, my bare legs and my feet that you like to suck so much in you lap, Imagine pulling up to the toll both and me sitting naked next to you.

I stepped a little harder on the pedal and got up to about 68 and held that for what seemed an eternity and she in turn removed her shoes and stockings placed them in the back seat.

As we proceeded down the road I felt my self pressing a little harder on the gas and Pt laughed I suppose you want a little more than a pair of shoes and stockings.

By now I was up to about 75 and she said it was bonus time and with some quick motions she peeled off her blouse and skirt, there she sat with lace bra, and see through panties on. , I could see that my guess was right that she had at least 1 pierced nipple. The size of her tits were just right for tit fucking and grabbing on to when you are fucking doggie style along with playing with the ring in her nipple.

If you want it all you have to be in the fish hill toll in 3 minutes. I floored it and a way we went as we approached the toll she leaned forward and undid he bra her beautiful swells of female flesh tumbled in to view along with the sight of both her nipples were pierced I just wanted to suck them and pull on her rings to see her nipples swell and even little stretched, and she put the bra next to her. I said throw it with the rest of your clothes in the back so you can't cover up at the booth. She smiled and did so and lifted up so she could peel off her panties and then I almost shot a load in my pants as her beautiful naked body was laying on the seat next to me as she had tilted the seat back.

As I looked at her nipple rings I noticed that they looked familiar except for the tips of her nipples had diamond studs sticking out of them, I was really curious as to how they were done she said she has a friend that is a professional jeweler and piercer he had made them after several fittings she said they feel great but not as good as these and spread her legs and parted her bald pussy lips to show me a vertical and horizontal clit piercing and she said my friend made this for her .as she reached into her brief case and produced a micro motor that had two clips on it. Pt attached it to the two little bars on her clit, as soon as it came in contact with the second bar it began to hum Pt laid back in the seat and was slowly getting turned on I could tell as, her nipples were straight up and swollen she began to tug at her nipple rings stretching her nipples about an inch and a half from her tit I was having a hard time watching and driving. When I could not watch I could hear her breathing getting more labored and I could feel the heat on my arm as she became more aroused and closer to an orgasm.

As we pulled into the tollbooth I asked if she wanted exact change or the toll taker to see

She was too incoherent to understand me, lost in her masturbation and vibrator.

I pulled into the toll both with the toll attendant, And rolled down the window he gave me a big smile and thumbs up and said have a nice trip I wish I were going.

I floored the accelerator and away we went.

Pt was starting to really get worked up her hips were rolling, her feet were wide apart on the dash and she had three fingers up her cunt and her left hand was working her nipples over pretty good when she moaned if I make the next toll booth before she cums I can finger fuck her to get her off. I had never seen a vibrator soo small do such a job I said You should see me at my desk ,people think I am epileptic.

As we approached the next toll booth some 8 miles away she was starting to moan and I floored it and she said you win.



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